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John Jewell

John Jewell

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06/13/10 08:40 AM #1    

Cindy Ketner

Sometime around 7th grade a new family moved onto my street.  At the home were some really beautiful boys~!!

Being that age I just wanted to be noticed.  But never really was. and soon after we moved from that neighborhood.

but, the next few years were made of memories of John Jewel and his family.  I started dating Billy, John's older brother.  Billy was a gentle, sweet soul.  We had alot of fun together.  After Billy and I stopped dating I would see John at school.  We would hang out whenever we could.  He was like a brother to me.  We watched out for each other.  He was kind and gentle as well.  It always made my day to have a short chat with John before class or inbetween class.  We could talk about anything and then sit quietly with one and other reflecting on our conversations.

I am almost certain he got tired of me asking "how is Billy",  but he never showed it. 

Before I joined this webpage I had seen John's name in the Classmates site.  I left a couple of messages for him not knowing he has passed.

I have not been able to get him off my mind.  Especially after seeing he is no longer with us. 

Rest in Peace John.  God Bless 

06/25/10 02:22 PM #2    

Mike Moore

I remember John just as Cindy described him, sweet and gentle. He was a good friend. John and I became friends at West. Randy Burris, John, Dan Pritchett and maybe a couple of others were called "goat ropers", although I wasn't really a rural kid. They did get me dipping snuff though. We were "skoal brothers", ha, ha.

John was my designated "licensed driver" when I was 15 1/2 a few times. One time John and I were in my Jeep near Loyd Noble and I got pulled over by the police, we weren't doing anything wrong, but when John got out, his foot got hung up on the jeep and he fell out on to the ground! The cop grabbed his holster and soon had us up against the jeep searching us. It was pretty funny, after the fact anyway.

I had heard that he moved to Ardmore after school, and I even called information one time while I was there, trying to find him, with no luck. I was sad to read of his passing, even though it was only through this web site that I learned about it.

John really was another one of the good guys. He is still missed.

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