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Hugh Emison Harris III

Hugh Emison Harris III


Hugh Emison Harris III
07-05-01 Norman Transcript
He was born Sept. 28, 1958, to Hugh Emison Harris Jr. and Sally Virginia Mears Harris. He graduated from Norman High School in 1976 and attended the University of Oklahoma and Eastern Oklahoma State University.
He enjoyed spending time hiking, working and enjoying nature, along with reading, animals and spending time with family and friends.
He is survived by his father and sister, Sidney Anne Harris, both of Norman; and many aunts, uncles and cousins.
Memorial contributions may be made to the Latimer County Public Library, 301 W. Ada Avenue, P.O. Box 126, Wilburton, OK 74578.

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04/03/10 01:15 PM #1    

Susie O'Dell (Skaggs)

My earliest memory of Hugh was in the second grade at Jackson Elementary. I was in awe of his ability to not only read well, but add such infliction into his voice. We loved to listen to him read and would beg Mrs. McCray to let Hugh read rather than listening to each other muddle our way through the learning process. He was always such a nice guy.

04/04/10 05:31 PM #2    

Cindy McCay

My memories of Hugh include one from West Junior High, Civics class, where Hugh asked me to help him get some chewing gum out of his hair. We spent what seemed like forever, meticulously cutting the gum out of his hair. He did not want to lose a single strand!

Years passed and at our 10th NHS reunion, Hugh, who had by then, acquired, ...shall we say, a “receding hairline”, approached me, and with his name tag covered by his hand, asked me to guess who he was; I could not. He finally asked me if I recalled an incident involving chewing gum. At that point, I knew immediately it was Hugh!

He was a sweet, funny person, who made me laugh.

08/18/10 09:51 PM #3    

Richard Davis

I remember Hugh for two distinct reasons....for whatever reason Mr. Shackleford confused me with him. I would assume it was shell shock or something else related to the late 60's and early 70's. The second being about 3 years ago I met his father at my father in laws 70th birthday. I had a very good and long conversation with him and I went away knowing how much he missed his son....I would imagine just like Mr. Shackleford...he saw his son through me. I left that conversation with a better understanding of the love of our children.

06/26/14 09:11 AM #4    

Mark Edge

It's probably a little late to comment, but I occasionally visit Hugh's page and always think I should say something.  For several years Hugh and I lived in the same neighborhood and often hung out together playing football, "hunting" with our pellet rifles, etc...  Hughee (that's waht we called him because his little sister would come out in the evening and in a very high pitched voice yell, "Huuugheeeee, time to come eat.") was a great guy but after my family moved across town, although we remained friends, we no longer spent much time together. However,our paths crossed again when we were both caught up in a very unfortunate murder investigation involving a mutual acquaintance - me in a peripheral manner - but Hughee in a much more scrutinized way, purely due to circumstance (I'm sure some of you recall this). Of course, he was eventually cleared (the real perpetrator was ultimately caught and hung himself in jail), but I don't think Hugh was ever the same after that experience - and who would be?  From what I understand, Hugh led a rather isolated and spartan life somewher near a lake in Oklahoma the last few years of his life, while attempting to deal with many issues.  I can't help but believe his choice of lifestyle and the problems he dealt with were somehow tied back to the investigation and the incredible pressure he must have been under, not to mention the judgment he surely must have felt from others.  As I said, Hugh was truly a good guy, and I hope that's how he is remembered.       

06/15/16 02:39 PM #5    

Thomas T Lowman

Saw him at 20th reunion at Andrews park. What a surprise! He got me started listening to Dr Dimento at his house on Sunday? nights late 10th??? grade. We kinda went different directions but Hugh was always a great and honest friend to me.

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