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Micheal E Blaylock

Micheal E Blaylock

Michael Blaylock

First Name: Michael
Middle Name: E
Last Name: Blaylock
Birth Date: 6-26-1958
Death Date: 7-1-1999
First Known Location: Oklahoma
Last Known Residence: Norman, OK
Record Type:
Death Record

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03/06/10 11:38 AM #1    

Susie O'Dell (Skaggs)

Becky Pence and I were in the same Data Processing class at Norman High with Mike, our senior year of highschool. When we reached the part of the course where we began to write computer programs Mike was always finished first. He didn't seem to struggle with the concepts as much as the rest of us during the beginning. After several weeks of 'winning', (we were a very competative group as most computer geeks are) Mike finally confessed with an impish grin that his Dad was a computer programmer at OU.

After Highschool, Mike went into the Navy and ended up spending many years working on nuclear submarines. I never saw him again after highschool, but ended up spending about 15 years working with his Dad, Harry, at OU in what was then the Department of Computing Services (now called I.T.) I gave Harry a lot of good natured ribbing about giving Mike the upper hand in our competition in high school. Harry was very proud of Mike and the service he gave to our country.

05/23/10 02:45 AM #2    

Ted Heckerman

 I shouldn't tell this story but here goes.  

Michael and I didn't have any classes together but for some reason we used to talk a bit during lunch.  I am not sure why exactly because he was one of the smart guys and I was one of the guys who could barely focus long enough to write out his name.  I guess he was just a nice guy.  Well one day he said "Ted why don't you come down to the University with me and I will teach you how to program the computer.  We can set it up to play a short game of chess or do some math problems".  In my wisdom (which I had so much of at that time) I replied, "no I don't want to mess with that, computers are just a fad".

I sure wish I had paid a little closer attention to that guy.  I'm sorry that he had to go so soon.  I had hoped to see him again.

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