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Micky Gatewood

Micky Gatewood

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05/08/10 09:50 PM #1    

Steve Burleson

There was not a better friend or a better man that I have had to pleasure to know..then Micky Gatewood. 

I used to go over to Micky's old house on Iowa st. We hung out a lot in grade school. In junior high we sort of went our separate ways with friends, hobbies and sports. Micky was a very good wrestler as I recall. He did well!! But when we saw each other at school events or in the halls. Micky was always a super nice guy. The sort of guy that made you want to do better in life.!

Several years after hgh school would see Micky in the under ground tunnels in downtown OKC in the late 1980's. Micky worked for Kerr McGee as I recall while I was working for First Interstate Bank, downtown OKC. I remember Micky told me when we passed during lunch when seeing each other in the tunnels that connected downtown buildings that he was moving to Houston with his job.

It seemed like it was not that long after that I was told of his passing. I attended his funeral in Norman. The funeral was packed which against speaks to all the lives Micky touched. He led with a friendly smile and a positive attitude in everything he did. Always a Hows it goin..Steve when we saw each other as our lives moved to different things and times.

I have no doubt that Micky is helping God with some big projects from Heaven.

Steve Burleson

05/22/10 08:20 AM #2    

Ward Taylor

 I knew Micky since 5th grade when I attended after moving to Oklahoma from Kansas.  He was such a nice guy who seemed always to have a smile on his face.  I guess my first recollection was talking to him at recess during the daily soccer game on the playground.  Although Micky and I did not really hang out together in High School he was always friendly and never missed a chance to say hello.  He was very sharp and always did well in his classes.  

Upon moving to Houston after graduation to work in the oil industry I met back up with Micky again.  He too was working in the oil business.  I saw him from time to time in Houston and just as in school, he was always fast with a a smile and a friendly greeting.  Throughout the years he never seemed to change...always the quick witted, friendly, happy person.  A person who instantly bring back a piece of my childhood each and every time I saw him.  The last time I saw Micky was in New Orleans.  I was getting on the elevator and there he was holding hands with his beautiful wife...just the two of them standing there.  By this time the medical treatment had taken it's toll on Micky...he had lost weight and was completely bald but true to his nature, the chemo was unable to take his smile and positive outlook.  We talked for a few moments during the short elevator ride and after I said goodbye to him.  I left amazed at the awesome attitude he maintained during his struggle.  I will never forget that. 

05/23/10 12:41 PM #3    

Phillip Poemoceah

I knew Micky since grade school – played baseball and softball with and against him.


My wife and I knew Sherri (sp?).  We all played golf when we were in Houston.  He stayed with us in Dallas when Houston was threatened with a hurricane.  He loved sports and was a fierce but friendly competitor by mature.


He had a lot of friends from high school, college and work.  Everyone who knew him loved and enjoyed being around him. I think about him often.  He really is missed…

05/23/10 05:16 PM #4    

Darline Rae Ezell (Massie)

I knew Micky from Goodrich Church.  He came to some of the youth events and parties.  He was always friendly with a smile on his face but quiet, kinda shy. (Nothing like his brother Tony. ha) 

05/24/10 08:46 AM #5    

Teresa Ashley (Davis)


To Lauren:

I grew up with Micky and the Gatewood family at Goodrich church....Micky was always quiet and observant....always had a smile...he and his family hung out with the Presson Family at our church and about a month ago Micky's Mom and one of the Presson sons Kenny sang together in a just brought tears to my eyes - because both of these families have lost so much over the years Micky being one of them and at the end of their song they shared about both of their families....

and recently a new neighbor moved in the house behind me....and said his last name was I said you have to be related to the Gatewoods I know...Yes, his name is Perry Gatewood...and he said he was a cousin to Micky and they used to run around together...lots of great times and he misses him to this day...

Your Dad was a kind loving person that people would want to be able to call their friend or say they knew...


Teresa "Ashley"


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