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Patti Markum (Miles)

Patti Markum (Miles)

August 25, 2013

Patricia ‘Patti’ E. (Markum) Miles

NORMAN — Patti Markum Miles, 55, passed away Saturday, Aug. 16, 2013, in Branford, Fla. Patti was born Nov. 17, 1957, in Costa Mesa, Calif., to Patricia and W. A. Markum Jr.

She grew up in Norman and graduated from Norman High School in 1976 where she enjoyed being a part of vocal music and drama. She continued her love for music at the University of Tulsa as a member of the honor choir and graduated with a degree in accounting.

She met and married Kevin Miles at TU and they remained in Tulsa until divorcing in the early 1990s. Patti worked in accounting with several firms prior to being disabled with depression and anxiety. She lived in Norman until January 2004, when she moved to Branford, Fla. where she lived with her brother, Greg, until her passing. Patti was an avid reader, enjoyed watching TV and going out to eat and movies.

Patti was preceded in death by her parents, Patricia "Pat" and W.A. "Mark" Markum Jr. of Norman and older sister, Teresa (Markum) Crater of Kansas City, Mo.

Patti is survived by her brother, Greg Markum, of Branford, Fla.; her sister Marti (Markum) Malicki and her husband Bill; nieces, Christin and Joy Malicki; nephews, Jackson and Spencer Malicki of Norman; and adopted niece, Shelby Markum of Overland Park, Kan.

Patti wished to be cremated and no services are planned at this time. Funeral services are by Williams, Thomas Funeral Home.

To honor Patti's memory please donate to organizations to cure heart disease or mental illness.


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08/28/13 07:01 PM #3    

Faith Schumacher (Weaver)

Patti was a very sweet girl and I am sorry that she passed so young.  She was gentle and kind and had a great sense of humor.  I will always remember her smile.  Comfort and condolences to her family and friends in the loss of such a special person.  Faith Weaver

08/29/13 04:22 PM #4    

Denise Owen (Hopper)

I remember having vocal music class with Patti - such a sweet girl.  I'm sad to hear she strugled so in her last years.  She is at peace now.  Prayers of comfort to her loved ones.

08/29/13 09:46 PM #5    

Sonya Cohlmia (Grob)

I agree with everyone else's comments!  I remember patti mostly from choir.  

A gentle spirit.  May she rest peacefully.

08/29/13 10:08 PM #6    

Laura Whitson (Keeth)

Sweet, Patti.  May her family find peace.

08/29/13 10:14 PM #7    

Sonya Cohlmia (Grob)

Didn't finish what I was writing....age...mostly remember her from choir at west!

08/30/13 01:57 AM #8    

Patricia Taylor (Farewell)

Patricia Elise Markum was one of my best friends for so many years throughout Junior High and High School.  She picked me up to ride to school together before I had a car.  We both loved Miss Kennedy and vocal music and often remembered those times fondly.  I believe her teen years were the most precious in her whole life.  Her moods were everything from kooky to dark, but she was highly intelligent and quite the poet.  I always encouraged her to think more on the positive side when she let me read her dark poetry, but at least she was never afraid to put her feelings down on paper then.  When we were in one of the performances of "Fiddler on the Roof", we were dressed as two of the poor townspeople standing beside each other.  During the middle of the saddest song, she turned her hand slyly upside down to me and showed me that the entire finger of her glove had become unraveled.  Then she wiggled it back and forth, waving it like a finger puppet.  We found ourselves in the biggest acting endeavor ever!  Our bodies were shaking with laughter, but our faces were showing nothing but tears and woe for leaving Anatevka.  My husband, Jimmy, and I were privileged to be a part of her wedding.  I wish Kevin could have loved her as much as she loved him.  I tried to stay in touch over the years through birthday cards and infrequent visits or phone calls, but eventually, she sent me a birthday card and wrote that we would not be in contact anymore.  She had a very beautiful calligraphy handwriting that she developed.  I pray that she found peace and acceptance and is at home with her Heavenly Father now.

09/04/13 12:56 AM #9    

Tim Singleton

Patti was a very nice person. Her kindness was obvious.

She was blessed to have Patricia Taylor as a friend.

Peace to her family.

09/04/13 01:42 PM #10    

Susie O'Dell (Skaggs)

I have many happy memories of choir trips and fun in the choir room with Patti.   She was always a sweet girl and could be incredibly funny and insightful.   Rest in peace, sweet Patti.    

09/04/13 03:34 PM #11    

Sonya Cohlmia (Grob)

patricia what sweet fond memories you have of her!  she was very blessed to have you in her life.  i have family members who have struggled with depression and now my oldest son is going through it.  they need friends, people like you in their lives!

11/25/13 03:33 PM #12    

Tanya McCullough

Patti Markum and I were close friends in grade school and stayed friends throughout High school.  I use to love to sit next to her in vocal music at McKinley because we both enjoyed singing so much.  Her vocal talents were discovered at such a young age when she auditioned and was picked to be one of the daughters in a local production of "The Sound Of Music!".   

In Junior High, we continued singing under Miss. Kennedy.  The felt orange vests with a white Peterpan collar shirt and a black skirt were our standard uniforms.  Those early morning vocal music practices several days a week developed our sight reading abilities, standing properly, singing from our diaphram, and walking up and down risers with such quiet precision.  All for the common goal to perform professionally at the State Vocal Music competitions and singing in the many West Junior High Choir School Vocal music performances accompanied by Ann Fowler on piano!

Patty sent birthday cards for years and I always appreciated her kind and thoughtful words!  

Thank you for being a good friend Patti!

Tanya McCullough



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