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Scott McClellan

Scott McClellan

   Pretty boy
Scott and his brother Mark

Sister Lori, Mom and Scott

  Lori and Scott


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02/07/10 11:33 PM #1    

Susie O'Dell (Skaggs)

Scott was my first steady boyfriend. I first noticed him in our 8th grade math class. He sat right in front of me - very quiet with nice eyes. I noticed one day that he had powder in his hair and I asked him about it. He commented that the guys had a powder fight in locker room after PE thought....boys-huh! We started talking and before long we liked each other.

We went together off and on all year. He gave me a drop necklace with his letters and a small diamond. I thought he was so great - long talks on the phone while his little brother Mark would pester him. I would work with Mark in years to come at OU. Scott died in 1979 while coming home from a fishing trip. So young, but also forever young. A sweet guy with a sweet heart.

02/26/10 03:27 PM #2    

Mike Moore

I met Scott when we both started 7th grade at West. He lived on the next street over from me. Matt Burr, Scott and I walked home together most days. Scott and I were great friends right from the start and stayed close throughout Junior High. I have enjoyed great memories in my lifetime because of my friendship with Scott. The first of our high school reunions I went to, was our 30th. I met Cindy McCay there and we shared some "Scott" stories with each other. It seems that even nearly 30 years after Scott left us, he is still with us. Scott was truly one of the good guys and is still missed. I am blessed to have had him as a friend.
Mike Moore

04/04/10 05:58 PM #3    

Cindy McCay

Scott and I became fast friends beginning in 7th grade when we met at enrollment at West Junior High. Since both of our last names began with “M-c-C”, we always ended up standing together at every milestone from 7th grade through high school graduation. I remember thinking, as we waited our turn to collect our diplomas, that this event would sadly be our last milestone together, but we smiled and laughed and enjoyed the day and made plans to see each other after graduation.

As luck (and the alphabet) would have it, our younger brothers became the best of friends, so in the time after graduation, Scott and I were often in contact, trading phone calls as to “who was picking up the kids”. We took turns taking our younger brothers on their paper routes at ungodly hours in the bitter cold.

Scott invited me to come to his house to see the huge gathering of Monarch butterflies that would migrate through his backyard every year. I never seemed to have the time to get over there, so when Scott told me he was moving to Kansas, I made a point to make good on the invitation. It was a truly magnificent sight; one I will never forget. Scott and I traded contact information and it was the last time I saw him until his funeral services. To this day, whenever I see a Monarch butterfly, I think of Scott.

07/04/10 11:50 AM #4    

Lori McClellan (Class Of 77) (Rose)

Well for me there are so many special memories of my brother, but some of my favorite memories as far as high school days go are riding to school with Scott in the Buick Special, or that big old white convertible Chevy Impala with red interior and "3 on the tree", and even sometimes, heaven forbid, the brown Buick Estate Wagon, whichever one he had worked on that was running at the time! I also remember lots of fun times sitting outside with the "smokers" and chatting between classes... going to lunch, and riding around the "10 mile flats" and going to the drive in with his buddies, our friends. We listened to some great music, did some crazy things we shouldn't have done, but had lots of fun...  

It is really nice to hear your wonderful memories. Over the years I've run into a few of Scott's friends and it always warms my heart to know he's remembered so fondly. He was special and we miss him still to this day... 

04/09/11 12:22 PM #5    

Evelyn Galaz (Badihian)

 When I think of Scott, I remember a charismatic, wonderfully kind, and positive young man. He had a way of making you feel special for the time you were with him. I remember Scott working at the corner convenience store/gas station, never complaining and always greeting customers with a smile. I remember the cars, or maybe it was always the same car, that he worked on with pleasure when at home. And I remember how he acted as though high school was so trivial compared with life in general. He loved his family and they loved him dearly. I will always remember Scott, and his gracious ways, in blue jeans and rolled up sleeves, and his warm, captivating smile.

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