40th Reunion recap survey



 Pre 45th Reunion Questionaire 


We hope you all had a grande time!  Please,help us out by answering the following Questionaire.  We only had 1 major complaint.   We do want to serve the entire class, so please help us out by participating in the following survey!


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1)   * What is the most important aspect of a reunion to you? Check all that apply

  Seeing old friends
  Making new friends
  Doing something to be entertained
2)   If you answered doing something to be entertained please explain below. If you didn't select that answer., then skip this question.

3)   * Which of the following is your priority for the next reunion?

  Have a simple and inexpensive reunion that allows the most people to attend
  Have a Reunion that requires a dress code and programmed plans
  Have a cruise
4)   * Would you be willing to pay more for a smoke free room to visit in? And if so, how much?

5)   * Is music important to you?

  I don't mind it as long as I can hear.
  I don't like the music. It's an interruption and makes it more difficult to hear conversations.
  I just think it's a waste of money
6)   * which type of reunion do you prefer?

  Relaxed and casual
7)   * How many days do you went to attend?

  One is enough for me.
  I enjoy more time visiting. I prefer two.
  I travel so I want two to make it worth my time.
8)   Do you like the casual circulation?

Yes No
9)   Would you like to have a program for updates? Longest traveled? Longest married? Etc

Yes No
10)   Give your feedback on the reunion here.